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In January 2023, the Nephrocriticalcare Society emerged as a ground breaking institution in healthcare. Our inaugural Nephro Critical Care Conference was a resounding success, marking the beginning of a transformative journey.

The Nephro Critical Care Society takes great pride in being the premier professional society dedicated to representing multidisciplinary teams of Nephro Critical Care providers worldwide. Our core mission is to enhance patient outcomes in nephrology and critical care by fostering collaboration, innovation, and excellence in practice.

Furthermore, the Nephro Critical Care Society collaborates with multiple international partner organizations, forging alliances to ensure the delivery of high-quality and equitable care to patients worldwide. Through these partnerships, we aim to educate clinicians on best practices in Nephro Critical Care and drive continuous improvement in the field. Join us in our mission to redefine Nephro Critical Care and make a lasting impact on patient care outcomes globally.

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Nephro Critical Care Review Course: Comprehensive Review Course covering both Theoretical & hands-on aspects.

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“On behalf of Insieme onlus and of all the Italian friends of NEPHRO CRITICAL CARE, I am glad to testify that our organization has been in touch with NEPHRO CRITICAL CARE for the last twenty five years and many of us have regularly visited the projects and have taken part in many of the activities.

During all this time Insieme Onlus has contributed for the education of many needy children through remote support, has encouraged rural development programs in the tribal areas, has supported vocational training school programs, and community children projects for school support in particularly needy rural communities.

Mr. Amitkumar Banerjee, founder of the Organization, has always provided proper feedback to us donors; for us Mr Banerjee is a person of visions, dedicated to the cause of supporting the poor and destitute part of the society.

May God help NEPHRO CRITICAL CARE to continue making orphan children happy and drop outs of the society feel supported in their basic needs.

Thank You.”
Lucilla Monti


Nephrotoxin Stewardship – Dr. Yash Javeri

Nephrotoxin Stewardship Dr. Yash Javeri Director- CCM and Emergency MedicineRegency Super Specialty Hospital  – Lucknow, IndiaDean-The Indian College Of Emergency...
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