Nephro Critical Care Review Course: 21-22 April, Mumbai


As the organizer of the “Nephrocriticalcare Review Course 2023”, “360Criticalcare” and “Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai” and “Nephrocriticalcare Society”, are proud to present this unique event.

  • Following the success of the “Nephrocriticalcare Conference 2023″ at Ranchi, the “Nephrocriticalcare Review Course 2023” is an exciting initiative that aims to collaborate with world authorities in Nephrology and Critical Care to provide a comprehensive and in-depth course on the practical and theoretical aspects of Nephrocriticalcare practice.

  • The “Nephrocriticalcare Review Course 2023” promises to be an illuminating and engaging experience for trainees and specialists from a wide range of specialties. 

  • As a unique concept, the “Nephrocriticalcare Review Course 2023” will benefit trainees and specialists from a wide variety of specialities, including Critical Care Specialists, Nephrologists, DM/DrNB Nephrology and Critical Care students, and IDCCM/IFCCM candidates. 

  • The course will cover a range of domains, including Renal Replacement Therapy, Renal dysfunction, practical management of various pathologies related to kidneys, AKI management, fluid and electrolyte disturbances, cardio-renal syndrome, hemodynamic management in AKI, drug & dosing, and nutrition in critically ill patients with renal dysfunction.